About Zen Yoga

Shoppa® was setup by a small group of kiwi entrepreneurs to help New Zealand's small businesses.

There is no doubt that most businesses want or need some way for their customers to access their products and services online. Unfortunately there are many barriers to setting up an online store, there's a steep learning curve and often high cost. Shoppa is here to help remove those barriers so our retailers can trade, survive, grow and thrive during Covid-19 and beyond.

What makes us different? We're NZ based, if you need to speak to us, we speak kiwi. We are focused on local businesses because we are a local business. Unlike our mainly overseas based competitors, one of us has probably driven through your town or suburb - heck we might even live there!

We understand your business is part of a community and so when you sign up, we'll try to contact your business neighbours and get them on board too. Your customers are their customers and their customers support you too - that's how communities work together to thrive.

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