Frequent Questions

What is Shoppa?

Shoppa is an online platform designed to provide small businesses the opportunity to maintain their business during the Covid-19 crisis and beyond. Our focus is on local businesses to local customers and an emphasis on New Zealand Made.

We provide small businesses with an online store within the Shoppa framework. Your customers can order and pay and you can choose to deliver, have delivered using our service or yours, or have your customer pickup from you - all contactless off course. You can also have your customers sign in while outside your business, make their selections and pay so that you can pack their order on the spot.

This is only the start, once we’re out of these very strange times, you can continue to use Shoppa for as long as you like into the future.

Most businesses have made it through the last month without income but it could be the next 6 months of 20%, 30% or 50% less turnover that kills your business. We’re keen to help you to maintain 100% of your business and maybe even grow your business with time.

Being online is usually expensive, time consuming and not what our butchers, coffee roasters, vegetable stores etc want to be doing. We’re going to take all the stressful bits away and let you get on with what you do best.

What will it cost?

Shoppa receives a small percentage of sales. We’re kicking off with a special offer of just 5% for your first 3 months increasing to 7.5% (plus the bank transaction fee of 2.9%).

We’re currently shoulder tapping some organisations to see if they can pay for the setup costs which are not huge but this is a bad time to be asking you for extra money, we should know by 1 May 2020, if we can make the setup free.

Are there any other fees?

Yes, there is a monthly fee starting at $9.95 a month for businesses with 10 or less products for the first 3 months and increasing to $19.90 after that. Contact us for details if you have more than 10 products for our schedule. This covers the technology required to run our servers and wages to edit and add items to your store.

What do I have to do?

Provide us with your logo, product images and description - and sign our agreement, of course.

I already have a website, what’s the point?

Two very good reasons:
Why limit yourself? More outlets, more potential for sales.
This is also about community. Your customers may want to support the other local businesses in your community and their customers may want to support you.

There is a growing movement across New Zealand to keep our local businesses alive and thriving. Kiwis understand the sacrifice local businesses have had to make to keep us all safe, we feel your pain and we don’t want to go shopping and see that every 2nd brick and mortar retailer has closed because it gives us all less choice.

Who manages - adds products?

We do the initial setup of the store using your photos and descriptions. We limit the number of products for the initial setup to 30 products. If you have more, we’ll talk. Once this is set up you will have access to modify the images and descriptions although we highly recommend you let us do this so that your products have a consistent look and feel. Just email us your edits/changes/additions each month as this is part of your monthly fee.

Where do the customers come from?

We highly recommend you contact any customers you have, if you have their details, and give them the good news that you are online. Ask them to pass on the word to their friends and family that live locally as well. The more people who already love and support you the better because these are already your best customers.

Do you promote-advertise Shoppa?

We will be using Facebook and encourage you to link to your store on Shoppa from any Social Media accounts you have.

When will I get paid?

Transactions go through the Shoppa bank account and are tagged to your store. We transfer your money to you, less our fees, twice a week.

Sales made and paid for from Monday - Wednesday will be paid on Friday and sales from Thursday - Sunday will be paid on Tuesday.

How do I know when someone has placed an order or I’ve made a sale?

You will be notified by text or email - whichever you prefer.

What happens if there are any problems?

Call us, txt us, email us. We genuinely want you to succeed because we may be your customers too.

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